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This wiki is devoted to documenting and discussing, primarily for gaming purposes, the works of science fiction author L. Neil Smith, specifically those taking place in his North American Confederacy series (The Probability Broach, the American Zone, the Nagasaki Vector, the Venus Belt, the Tom Paine Maru, and the Gallatin Divergence).

The North American Confederacy is an alternate universe wherein the Whiskey Rebellion was a success, and the American federal government lost power and prestige. By the time of the 20th century (2nd century A.L., Anno Liberatis, measured from the date of the American Revolution), the entire continent of North America is one large country with little to no government — and the inhabitants like it just fine that way. Crime is low and technology is high.

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The books are copyright L. Neil Smith.

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The North American Confederacy wiki is dedicated to the memory of Kerry Pearson, a.k.a. Lux Lucre, who did some of the first work on the web toward gaming in the North American Confederacy, and who is still missed.

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